Programs & Services

Stone-Hayes informational pamphlets are displayed in the office
  • Information and referral -- We maintain a list of local, state, and national resources and extensive information about various disabilities, disability rights, assistive devices, and equipment.
  •  Community services -- We're committed to providing our community with quality programs and services that will enhance the understanding of sensitivity to issues of disabilities. We do this through public education, presentations, and technical assistance.
  • Home services -- We train people who want to be personal assistants for persons with disabilities. We also teach and empower people with disabilities to become “bosses” in charge of hiring, supervising, and even firing -- ensuring their at-home independence.
  • Independent living skills -- We encourage the skills and attitudes needed for independent living, working, and participating in leisure activities.
  • Peer counseling and support -- We provide the opportunity for people with disabilities to support and encourage each other by sharing similar experiences.
  • Advocacy -- We act as agents of change within systems with an emphasis on development of self-advocacy skills.
  • Youth and Family Services -- Advocate for parents with children who have disabilities to develop realistic IEPs and 504s to partner with their child’s educators for increased outcomes.
For more information on our services, please contact us at 309-344-1306.